DroneCharge i1 Is The World’s First Portable Drone Battery Charger And Discharger

Drones are increasingly becoming part of day-to-day life, yet they still suffer from short battery life.

Though drones have become more integrated in to the workflow of professional photographers and camera men. The process of managing drone batteries is still very amateur and consumer focused.

Professional aerial photographers require access to several batteries per shoot. They also need to manage the specialise LiPo batteries for safety and prolonging their battery’s life, by charging and discharging batteries.

DroneCharge is the world’s first portable drone battery charger and discharger. Stored in a water resistant Peli™ case.

Simultaneously Charge 4 Batteries

The DroneCharge is designed to meet the needs of professional drone pilots. The i1’s unique docking system can store and fast charge all four DJI Inspire 1 or DJI Matrice 600 drone batteries at the same time to help save pilots from valuable downtime.

No Mains Power Required

The i1 removes the need to carry extra drone batteries to site. The case has a integrated 520 Wh battery and is able to fully recharge 4 drone batteries from a single charge. Saving hundreds of pounds on extra drone batteries.

Intelligent Onboard Processor

An intelligent onboard processor, monitors the voltage and temperature of each drone battery, insuring safe charging conditions. Eliminating damage and LiPo drone battery charging safety concerns. The visual display instantly shows you the batteries charge level and status.

Auto Battery Discharge

 Discharge cycles are key to your drone battery’s health. The i1’s Conditioning Mode, automatically discharges and recharges your batteries to DJI recommendations.

Mobile & Tablet USB Charging

There is no need to worry about your remote control tablet or phone running out of battery. The DroneCharge i1 features 2 USB ports for charging mobile devices.

Water Resistant Peli Case

A portable drone charger needs to be able to stand up to the harsh outdoor environments you're working in. The i1 is integrated in to a Crushproof, Dustproof and Water Resistant Peli™ case for ultimate protection.

DJI Remote Controller Charging

The DroneCharge i1 features 2 x 26V DC outputs for recharging DJI remote controllers.

Recharge From The Sun

Not only can the DroneCharge i1's internal battery be recharged from mains power. It can also be charged on the go via a solar panel or 12V car socket.

Made In The United Kingdom

The DroneCharge i1 is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards in the UK.


Product Name DroneCharge i1
Part Number DC-i1
Dimension 487 (L) x 386 (W) x 229 (D) mm
Weight 6KG
Warranty 12 Months
Supported Models Inspire 1 TB47 (4500mAh)
Inspire 1 TB48 (5700mAh)
Matrice 600 TB47S (4500mAh)
Matrice 600 TB48S (5700mAh)
Battery Capacity 520 Wh
Power Supply Input: 100~250V
Input Power Connectivity Mains 100~250V PowerCON
12V Car Socket In
12V Solar In
Output Power Connectivity Battery: 4 x DC 26V
USB: 2 x DC 5V/2.4A
Remote: 2 x DC 26V
Drone Battery Charging Time TB47 (4500mAh): 58 minutes
TB48 (5700mAh): 68 minutes


The DroneCharge i1 will be launched in 2018. To stay in contact about the release, fill in the form below.

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